It's all about connections. Matt was introduced to Cushman & Wakefield via a model/photographer whom he collaborated with on a shoot in around 2014. She referred him to her friend, who was the assistant to the CMO in 2017. They first hired Matt to photograph an event, then to do portraits of their CEO and CMO. Based on the results, in summer of 2019, Matt was retained to begin creating a custom corporate stock image library! Life works in mysterious ways sometimes.

Matt kicked it off with a four city shoot, which took place over six days. Chicago, St Louis, two locations in Dallas and Los Angeles were the first cities on the list. The objective was to capture a wide variety of looks from grand overviews showing the bustle of people against the background of their beautiful spaces, along with everything from details to collaborative shots to portraits. It was an exhausting but rewarding shoot. Matt delivered over 100 images in color and black & white for their use.

In order to ensure consistency, Matt hired a makeup artist and assistant for each location. They traveled with all the gear they needed so as to maximize our shooting time (including a Magliner hand truck to make sure they could quickly move everything in the airport and on site. Lighting was everything from daylight to mixed to all strobes. The big umbrellas were their go-to modifiers.

Be sure to watch the behind the scenes video that Johnny shot and edited while also working as lighting assistant!

Cushman & Wakefield BTS 2019 from Matt Kosterman Productions on Vimeo.

• Four Cities
• Five Locations
• Five thousand miles
• Six Days
• Four thousand images
• 150 employees as models
• 125 final images