Whether with a single photographer or a small team, Matt executes with the quality, speed and deep experience his clients deserve. He feels privileged to work with a host of consummate professionals, from producers to photo assistants and make-up artists. Here are a few of the folks who regularly enable him to do the magic he does, assembled for their deep experience.

Matt Kosterman

Photographer | Producer

Matt still has his childhood camera, a Petri 35mm SLR, a gift from his maternal grandfather. While he'd love for you to think he was a photographic prodigy, the truth is he bought a book on photography and was completely baffled by the concept of an ƒ-stop.

Later, as a sales rep for Kodak, he found himself inspired to create black and white images like the Cartier-Bresson and Karsh images he so loved. He spent many hours in the Kodak Camera Club darkrooms making prints from negatives processed at home.

Fast forward to the birth of his two children and his zeal to document their every move. A friend encouraged him to set up a side business to complement his digital photo lab—and Inspired Impressions was born, capturing beautifully authentic lifestyle photos of children being children.

With the help of his mentor, Steve Green, Matt expanded into corporate events, headshots and portraits, creating Matt Kosterman Productions in 2011.

Johnny McGuire

Director of Photography | Lighting Specialist

Matt and Johnny's working relationship is one of the things that makes Matt Kosterman Productions unique. The two began working together in 2014 and have since produced dozens of shoots. Their partnership has prospered through a mutual respect and complementary skill sets; they attribute their success to their ability to fluidly exchange roles, depending on the needs of the project. Johnny has deep strength in motion capture, lighting design and overall production management, the result of nearly 20 years of working with some of the finest professionals in the business.


Tanya Renelt

Professional Make-Up Artist

With a background as a massage and Reiki therapist, Tanya brings a wonderful calm demeanor to the set, helping people feel relaxed and at ease in the chair. She loves to help people to look and feel their best, bringing out their own natural assets.

Inspired by her travels, the city and different time periods, Tanya is comfortable working in variety of genres, especially corporate, commercial, beauty, bridal and fashion. She has been a make-up professional for eight years and is a regular make-up artist for WGN Morning News.

When she's not on set, you might find Tanya in meditation, in nature, listening to music—or with her three amazing kids.


Eric Rejman

Photo Assistant

Eric Rejman is an award-winning photographer and cinematographer out to capture emotion, story and truth. Armed with a background in cultural anthropology and an inability to be separated from his camera, he takes his role as artist gleefully and seriously as a means to create compassion and record the mad joy of our contemporary world. His focus has been nature, notably developing a series of narrative films for the National Park Service.


Danielle Dettore

Professional Makeup Artist

Danielle has a deep passion for the beauty industry and enjoys the process of transformation—making people feel good on the inside through her work on their outside. Her ability to connect with her clients and make them feel comfortable and confident is one of her key strengths. She strives to bring out the best features in each client, all while keeping it natural.

Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle is a priority for her. She genuinely loves meeting new people and bringing humor on set (which is why she works so well with us!) while working as a team to create amazing finished photographs.

With over 17 years of experience that includes local and national television, film, print, runway, bridal, special events and business professionals, Danielle is a welcome addition to any shoot.


Nina Esposito

Professional Makeup Artist

Nina Esposito is a Chicago-based Professional Makeup Artist. Working in various avenues of the beauty industry has provided Nina with a wealth of knowledge that allows her to work efficiently while making sure her clients look and feel their best.